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Imagine your butt bigger, perky, firm and without cellulite!

enough with the ass down! no more using the generic gym card! The opportunity has arrived to build a perfect glute in just 90 days!

Protocol 100% tested and validated by real women!
Mothers, working women who need to save time and get results!

Prepare your best bikini, for your best shape!

You could be the next woman to achieve the physique you've always wanted!

Click on the image to see it in full screen!

Get ready for the best training protocol you were ever taught at the gym!

specific volume

The protocol has a method with a specific frequency and volume to work the gluteus COMPLETELY, making it bigger, and more LIFT!

save time

No more trial and error! Get it right from now on, with a method already validated by professionals and satisfied customers!

Earn Results

Already in the first few weeks you will notice changes and improvements in your physique!

But the best will come closer to the end of the protocol!

Empina Glúteos Protocol

You need a plan that is objective and efficient to achieve your goal!

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Periodized Training

There are 3 months of training, with different phases over the weeks, aiming at your progression and the best results!


Don't get lost!

All exercises have links to videos demonstrating each movement.


Leg Workouts

The 3 leg days, focused on glutes, with the best exercises and specific techniques to develop complete glutes!

Black Gym Workout YouTube Thumbnail (1).png

Easy offline access!

Buy, download the protocol in PDF, and have the training in the palm of your hand.

Sportswear cinza

slimmer waist

Specific exercises to improve your waistline and make your figure more beautiful.

Salada da dieta


Comes with 2 food plans (for a cutting or bulking diet) so you can boost your results!


Unique opportunity

Save time and gain results with this unique 3-month protocol! 

LIMITED offer of BRL 199.90

for only BRL 99.90!

Buy it now, download it, start using it in your training and feel the results!


The products and services sold on this page should not be construed as a promise, exercise prescription or guarantee of results.

Your level of success in achieving the published results using these protocols and information will depend on your dedication to training, movement techniques, knowledge, genetic nutrition, among other factors that differ between each individual. In this regard, we cannot guarantee the success or level of result, nor are we responsible for any of your actions, conduct, such as incorrect movement executions, use of excessive load, etc.

Any and all forward-looking statements contained on this site or in any of our products are intended to express our opinion of the potential results that some people may achieve.

If you want a specific and personalized training program for you, go back to the main page and choose the Online Consulting option.

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